Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Filip K

Filip K - Photographer - - brilliant colour movement effect from this image.

Charlotte Rutherford

Found this photographer on ModelMayhem and I find her work truly inspirational.
This look is not usually one I would work to but the concept works so well

Horns At The Ready

Keith Bryce


Photographer - Lara Jade
Found through - a stunning magical image shot

Leopard Coats

Warehouse - New Look - Topshop

Topshop Tall Treats

My current wishlist items on Topshop - Tall.

Brit POP

I'm dying to get my hands on this copy, waiting every 6 months is a killer. And now that this issue has Ms Britney Spears as it's covers it makes it even more gold in my hands once I get my copy. Can't wait eeeek. :)

Free As A Gypsy

Hello Kitty.

Lady Gaga v Hello Kitty shoot = wacky doll like images.

Suga Treats

Katy Perry - Candy Floss - Lollipop - Cream - Candy
I don't think Katy Perry's video for California Girls could be anymore my similar vision if she tried, I was blown away by the colour in an instant. I've always wanted to do a shoot featuring sweets and this just makes me want to try it even more sometime soon.


Kelis' new album shows a clear change in style both musically and image.
The first track to be realsed from it was 'Acapella' and uses features from the native american's traditional wear.

Leigh Clark Always.

Again another shoot from Lula and one of my favourite stylists Leigh Clark.
This shoot uses mostly colour blocking which is huge at the moment and these looks prove how well it can be done.

Boom Dior!

Big, Bold, Colourful, 60's Inspired Make Up - I have to use this as reference for the future.


Here's an old shoot from Lula which always grabs me.
The lighting and setting is just perfect.