Sunday, 18 December 2011

Rocking Bling Rings

Topshop have some beauts online now worth checking out to bling out those hands of yours this season.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


So sad to see it go but D&G is lossing its lower price range of D&G but Domenico and Stefano don't want the collection to fade but to have a massive big bang to finish.
To celebrate the line’s last season, they’re asking their devotees to create music videos for a remix of D&G’s very own dance song, “D&G Music,” made several years ago and featuring Stefano repeating the brand mantra: “D&G is D&G, D&G is love.” You have until January 9 to make your clips and send them to, after which the designers will handpick their favorites to be edited into a final video to be debuted on YouTube. For more information on the project, watch this video below.

How Desperate

New show for Monday's nights is 'Desperate Scousewives' on Ch4 - is pretty much a wannable version of 'The Only Way Is Essex' and is clearly even more vissibly set up then TOWIE if that is honestly possible. I have visited Liverpool and it honestly is a great place and I've met some hilarious scosers up there but these 'characters' are just a very dull moring bunch to me and the fashion isn't that great in it either. So far the only highlight has been Amanda's gold sequin dress - yawn. Jaiden from the cast is claimed to be 'Britain's Most Brutal Blogger' I have visited his blog and he's not brutual he's just cruel and damn right rude - he's a definate Marmite character I guess. Well it's only 3 episodes in so I guess it still has time to grow on me possibly like TOWIE did but I can't see it claiming any slogans like 'Reem, Shut Up! & Well Jel!' all have done.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Little Mix

Little Mix (or in Tulisa's version "My Little Muffins") won the final on The X Factor lastnight, and in my opinion it was by far the best result in the series history - they deserved it and I really believe they have a bright future ahead of them unlike some winners from the past....
So here's a couple of photos of the moment the girls found out they have won with mentor Tulisa and their debut single cover for their track 'Cannonball' - which I'm sure is bound to be the Christmas no.1 for 2011/

The girls have shown their quirky individual and group styles from the very start - here's a reminder of some of their looks so far, I'm sure there are still plenty more exciting ones to come in the girls furture.

My mentor Alex Longmore from StyleSchool worked with the group a few weeks ago on a photoshoot which was a total flip on their usual look - ditching the neons/high tops and slogan tops for elegant evening gowns in nudes with embellishments - stunning work. The girls were keen to show their support for StyleSchool - book your place for 2012 now to get an amazing insight into the world of fashion.

Here's my favourite performance from the girls "What's It Gonna Be?'

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Knuckle duster

My eye couldn't help but spot these new beauties added to Amelia Lily's large collection of knuckle duster rings - her very own pair of statement name rings. Get your own set from Obscure Couture for £40 on the ASOS Market.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Marry The Night

Well if I had ever thought before that Lady Gaga's videos couldn't get anymore extreme or bizarre I was very much mistaken. Marry The Night is her newest video and 1 of my favourites from her current album Born This Way. It hold's a similar feel to a Michael Jackson video with it being 13 minutes long and a odd storylike part to the start of it, but the last 4 minutes speeds up into an eyecatching colourful sequence. Not a fan of the naked Gaga rolling around in a bath and throwing milk and cereal all over herself personally but was drawn to the scenes of her in the dance studio with a slight feel for the 80's Fame movie. Take a look and see what you make of it yourself. The ballerina shoes are rather amazing - how she stands up in them is beyond me though. Enjoy

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Going Grunge

The grunge trend is here once again, here are some images of the trend that have interested me and I'm now thinking maybe a test shoot on this trend in the start of 2012.

It was all on the runway back in Febuary ready t hit us hard in the Winter months and so it is.
We first saw her on the American TV Show Gossip Girl as a clean cut Manhattan Teenager as Jenny - but with a few extra years on her side now Taylor Momsen is anything like her character from the show - Grunge/Rock n Roll/Bad Behaviour hve taken over.

Sweetie Shoes

Just found these on another blog from Gasoline Glamour -
wow wow wow amazing collection of colour and textures.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Roaming Red

Styling - Chelsie Hood
Photographer - Katie Jade Atkins
Hair & Make Up - Katie Ingram
Model - Amy Woodman (Sandra Reynolds Agency)

So here are the shots from the shoot I did a few weeks ago over in Norwich which we sent forward to Papercut Magazine for it's December Issue under the theme Red Obviously the first 2 looks featured were just a few extras, the last 3 being for the brief. The team included Photographer Katie Jade Atkins  and we were also lucky enough to book model, new face Amy Woodman who you might recognise from the last series of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model which she came 8th on. We had a great afternoon and I really hope I get to work with this team of talented people again very soon.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Voom Vintage

- Exclusive Vintage & Bespoke Evening Wear -

New vintage stall VavaVoom Vintage opened in my local town just over a month ago and they have some amazing pieces at reasonable prices worth checking out. The company started by passionate vintage fan Gemma Gray appears to be doing well with its inspiring collection and fun atmosphere surrounding the one off stall.

Below is a few of my personal favourites from a recent photoshoot they did to help promote some of their garments for sale.
Location - Broad Street, King's Lynn, PE30 1DP
Twitter - @Voomvintage

Hue of Pink

The hot trend already kicking off for Spring/Summer 2012 - Pink Hair!!!
It's already been seen on celebrities - Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Amelia Lily, Nicki Minaj and Ellie Goulding,
The quirky flash of colour has also been seen on models Charlotte Free, Couurtney Vogler, Abbey Free and Anastasia Silveri. Even my best friend has followed this bold trend, as fun as it is - it's hard to keep up as it fades quickly but if you're daring enough go for it and enjoy all the comments I'm sure you'll reep.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Hunger Magazine and TV Launch

The Hunger is a biannual magazine. It launched in November 2011, The Hunger was born from Rankin’s desire to celebrate the innate drive that we all possess and that, with a bit of creativity, can be used as an impetus for cultural change.
20 years after Dazed & Confused was founded, and 10 years after the birth of AnOther, The Hunger provides creative beings with a new platform for uncompromised self-expression, innovation and discovery. Working with recognised and emerging talents in the arts, fashion and editorial, The Hunger seeks out cultural progression and distinction. Each issue of the magazine features both a male and female cover. was launched simultaneously with the magazine. The ground-breaking video-based website features exclusive in-depth interviews and fashion films with those in the magazine, as well as regular stories on other stars, updates from The Hunger team, and previews of content for upcoming issues.

Welsh actor Rhys Ifans and intriguing young songwriter Sky Ferreira took to the covers for the launch issue of The Hunger. Rhys and Sky epitomise the spirit of The Hunger, passionate about their craft, yet with an unwavering integrity, never sacrificing their sense of self for their career.
Inside, we speak to legends and fresh faces of film, television, literature, music, art and fashion. Terence Stamp discusses why being shunned by the film industry as a young actor was a blessing in disguise; The Winstone family invited us to their family home for an old-fashioned knees up, and Ray explains why, as long as his family are happy, he’ll never worry about the future; Anna Friel grills her friend, folk star Fionn Regan, on what inspires him; and Erin O’Connor divulges why she is finally ready to express her often ignored femininity – as seen in our shoot. Interviews with Olivia Williams, Hayley Atwell, James Corden, Jeremy Scott, Giggs, Freddie Fox, DELS, Kathy Burke, Michael Sheen and Lucy Liu also feature in the magazine, with most also available to watch exclusively on

For our fashion stories, we shot Kelis, Cheryl Cole, Holliday Grainger, Portia Freeman, Heidi Klum, Milla Jovovich, Giggs and DELS, styled by Maryam Malakpour, Way Perry, Daniella Jung, William Gilchrist, Laura Duncan and Anna Hughes-Chamberlain to name a few.

(Source - )

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tuxedo On Top

I'm a huge fan of Beyonce's latest single 'Love On Top' but the video for it is somewhat weak although I took a bit of a shining to these 3 gorgeous Tuxedo Suits as show below. Even in a jacket and trouser combo she still looks as godess like as ever.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Selfridges White Christmas

For me they are always the most breath taking christmas displays in the world!
This year Selfridges have gone for a 'White Christmas' theme and it's just as magical as ever.

Watch the video below for all the behind the scenes and concepts of making a window for Selfridges.

Sophia Grace & Rosie Brownlee

So here's the new massive duo that have blown up from youtube, Essex girls Sophia Grace, 8 and her cousin Rosie, 5. After their video of Sophia Grace belting out every single word acapella without any mistake of  Nicki Minaj's track 'Superbass' and Rosie dancing alongside as the "hype" the girls have been thrown to fame in the US now as guests on The Ellen Show making weekly appearances.
I'm a huge fan of TOWIE and these girls just remind me of mini versions of the TOWIE cast, they so sweet and just put a smile on your face in an instant.
I wouldn't put it past Sophia Grace that in a few years she'll be storming up the charts with her on songs.

Eye Charm

Eye Charm - False Eyelash Glue
This is by far the best glue I have come across so far, it goes on clear, is sticky straight away yet allows movement while you apply the lashes and makes me confident that they'll stay on all day/night without any retouches.
Another plus of this product is that it uses a brush rather than a stick for an easier application.
I purchase my Eye Charm from ebay as it's originally from Asia where you can buy it for as little as £1 - bargain!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Statement Blouses

Warehouse have added some stunning blouses to their new collection perfect for casual or occasion wear. The cream chiffon bead embellished placket and cuff blouse is ultra chic, and a reasonable price for this season staple item. The piece was spotted on Gok Wan's 'Get The Look For Less' show a few weeks ago, teamed with black leather look jeans created a rock n roll yet femine look. And also spotted lastnight being worn by Rosie Fortescue from 'Made In Chelsiea'.
L-R - £45 - £55 - £60

Monday, 7 November 2011 Issue 01

Finally it's here are publishing their own catwalk season magazine. I'vejust  ordered mine straight away so I can't wait for Issue 01 to be in my hands. The order page is in $'s so don't be confussed, with the cost of magazine and shipping from America the final cost comes in at around £9 which for a bi-annual magazine, hopefully worth it and a treasure to keep on to.

"Out now, the debut issue of takes you deep inside the Spring 2012 collections. Bringing the voices of both the editors and the readers of the world's leading fashion Web site to print for the first time, this new publication not only uncovers the most intriguing people, places, and clothes of the season, it also charts the highs and lows, the triumphs and setbacks, the public and private moments on the journey from New York to Paris, catwalk to sidewalk, backstage to after-party. It's the season from every angle. It's a magazine for fashion obsessives by fashion obsessives. Out just three weeks after the last look left the runway, offers both a first view and a collectible distillation of Spring 2012. is available at select newsstands, but the best way to guarantee a copy is to order one here. Content from the magazine is not available in digital form. Below is a selection of online features that complement what you'll find in the pages of the magazine." - source

Sassy Sequins

Christmas is very well on it's way, so the high street is now offering its massive range of sparkly partywear ranges ready for the celebrations of this winters season.
For me it has to be the trend on sequins that's really catching my eye - this season I'm seeing this trend being used in a sassy and chic way of designs not trashy and cheap as I have thought many a year before.
Here's the current top picks of this trend from New Look seen mainly in Gold's, Nudes and Black.
Shop today at to buy the latest trends at resonable prices.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Femme Fatale

What a show!!!!
Saw my teen idol again for the second time lastnight Miss Britney Spears.
Everyone slats her for her vocals - she sang most of it live so that's a plus on the 30 seconds she sang live on her Circus tour. I just happen to love what a show she puts on, the set and customes were so exciting and colourful from the Egyptian remix of Slave 4 U to the Rock n Roll remix of Baby One More Time, Britney managed with her creative team to revamp and renew some of the old but still loved classics. The customes were good but for me they were not as good as those from her 2009 Circus tour which was surprising as she worked with the same designer Zaldy Goco.
I hope you like my photos above that I took from the London O2 - we were rather close is was fab!
And below are some of the original costume designs by Zaldy for the tour.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tune Obsessed

Static Revenger & Richard Vission feat. Luciann - I Like That
So this past tune was on repeat non stop today so I thought I'd share my love for it with you...

Red Mood Board

For my up and coming shoot on 'RED'

Friday, 28 October 2011

Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

By far one of her most catchy songs so far and its got our very own Calvin Harris on it which you can see has brought a British raw edge through to the video aswell as to the track in contrast to some of her more American styled past videos.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Red Research

Depth of research into 'red' shoot -
Well the first main thing to pop into my head was of course the genius of Valentino - his red block statement evening dress' are simply to die for. Simple styling yet such a bold eye catching look.
Red = Christmas Colour - Valentino = Ball Gown
Take a stunningly simple design yet vibrate coloured dress and use it in a shoot on location of opposite appearance of where you would expect to see it, maybe?

Capes are also on trend this season so making an up to date version shoot of red riding hood could be a possibility especially with an amazing location - perfectly matching the seasonal christmas edition of the publication...?

Ready for Red?

So Papercut Magazine are welcoming a submission for their December issue under the concept of 'Red'....- I'm hoping to working a submission shoot with photographer Katie Jade from Norwich. Here's my initial brainstorm images of this concept...

- Tartan - Valentino - Glitter - Lipstick - Florence Welch - Riding Hood - Rihanna - Phone Box - Rose -

It Rocks Knox

After the summer show of 'New Look - Style The Nation' creative stylist Alexis Knox has been one of my new favourites to follow on her work and also a fabulous social life as tweeted about.
Knox covers areas within the industry as a freelance fashion stylist on runway shows, music videos, commercial projects and fashion editorials. Two other key roles in her current career are being the Fashion Director for Notion magazine and host of the renowed London club night 'Circus' at Cafe de Paris.
The first images below show some of the cheeky bold style Alexis dresses in herself.

These following images are a few of my favourites from Knox's portfolio including collaborations with Jessie J, Nicola Roberts & Little Boots.

follow on twitter - @alexisknox

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dance With Me Tonight

I've loved him from his first audition on The X Factor - he just has that cheeky chappy charm that you can't help fall for and well his voice is just magic. I had his firm album on repeat for months it my car. With his past few songs getting better and better I'm so excited for the release of his second album. Here's his soon to be release for coming single 'Dance With Me Tonight', it has a similar feel to his original stuff in comparison to the last track 'Heat Skips A Beat' and the styling goes right in hand with it. I'm adoring the denim jacket with cream wool collar - my best friend Jack has spotted a similar style jacket from the vintage department in Topman - it's a must have!!!
Enjoy the video and some other funny pictures below....

Some more love for Olly's ongoing cheeky style
Below is from when I met Olly for the second time after he performed at Potters Resort where I used to work myself, he was so nice and we had a giggle with him as he pulled 'the cool pose' with my tipsy mother.
I have to say aswell, he is by far the best artist I have ever seen perform live and so entertaining.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Soap Stars Visits

So randomly today at work on my break I spotted a face instore as I left to grab some food that I recognised....but couldn't think how. Then it came to me it was Cilla from Corrie (Wendi Peters) browsing around the store I left her to it and kept a glanc on her where I then did a double take as I spotted Ruby from Eastenders (Louisa Lytton). I ended up serving Louisa when she made her purchases...she was so tiny but really bubbly and we got chatting over this gorgeous large orange/tan box handbag she had - it looked so expensive....where she then told me she'd brought it from this little crappy shop in Southend for £10 - bargin!!!

Here's what Louisa picked up today...
1 pair of Dark Blue Skinny Jeans
1 pair of Tan Wedge Ankle Lace Up Boots
5 pairs of socks

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Day Off = London Vintage Shopping

Here's some snippets from Camden, outside Rokit, inside Cyberdog, inside What Goes Around Comes Around, our fashion invite and Jack getting excited opening his box of new Creapers.

So here's my Vintage buy of the day... 
80's Stripe Blazer - Gianni Balenti - found in Traid

And also my highstreet buys...
Purse - Marc B (Topshop) & Loafers - Evans (both pairs)