Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How Desperate

New show for Monday's nights is 'Desperate Scousewives' on Ch4 - is pretty much a wannable version of 'The Only Way Is Essex' and is clearly even more vissibly set up then TOWIE if that is honestly possible. I have visited Liverpool and it honestly is a great place and I've met some hilarious scosers up there but these 'characters' are just a very dull moring bunch to me and the fashion isn't that great in it either. So far the only highlight has been Amanda's gold sequin dress - yawn. Jaiden from the cast is claimed to be 'Britain's Most Brutal Blogger' I have visited his blog and he's not brutual he's just cruel and damn right rude - he's a definate Marmite character I guess. Well it's only 3 episodes in so I guess it still has time to grow on me possibly like TOWIE did but I can't see it claiming any slogans like 'Reem, Shut Up! & Well Jel!' all have done.

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