Sunday, 30 October 2011

Femme Fatale

What a show!!!!
Saw my teen idol again for the second time lastnight Miss Britney Spears.
Everyone slats her for her vocals - she sang most of it live so that's a plus on the 30 seconds she sang live on her Circus tour. I just happen to love what a show she puts on, the set and customes were so exciting and colourful from the Egyptian remix of Slave 4 U to the Rock n Roll remix of Baby One More Time, Britney managed with her creative team to revamp and renew some of the old but still loved classics. The customes were good but for me they were not as good as those from her 2009 Circus tour which was surprising as she worked with the same designer Zaldy Goco.
I hope you like my photos above that I took from the London O2 - we were rather close is was fab!
And below are some of the original costume designs by Zaldy for the tour.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tune Obsessed

Static Revenger & Richard Vission feat. Luciann - I Like That
So this past tune was on repeat non stop today so I thought I'd share my love for it with you...

Red Mood Board

For my up and coming shoot on 'RED'

Friday, 28 October 2011

Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

By far one of her most catchy songs so far and its got our very own Calvin Harris on it which you can see has brought a British raw edge through to the video aswell as to the track in contrast to some of her more American styled past videos.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Red Research

Depth of research into 'red' shoot -
Well the first main thing to pop into my head was of course the genius of Valentino - his red block statement evening dress' are simply to die for. Simple styling yet such a bold eye catching look.
Red = Christmas Colour - Valentino = Ball Gown
Take a stunningly simple design yet vibrate coloured dress and use it in a shoot on location of opposite appearance of where you would expect to see it, maybe?

Capes are also on trend this season so making an up to date version shoot of red riding hood could be a possibility especially with an amazing location - perfectly matching the seasonal christmas edition of the publication...?

Ready for Red?

So Papercut Magazine are welcoming a submission for their December issue under the concept of 'Red'....- I'm hoping to working a submission shoot with photographer Katie Jade from Norwich. Here's my initial brainstorm images of this concept...

- Tartan - Valentino - Glitter - Lipstick - Florence Welch - Riding Hood - Rihanna - Phone Box - Rose -

It Rocks Knox

After the summer show of 'New Look - Style The Nation' creative stylist Alexis Knox has been one of my new favourites to follow on her work and also a fabulous social life as tweeted about.
Knox covers areas within the industry as a freelance fashion stylist on runway shows, music videos, commercial projects and fashion editorials. Two other key roles in her current career are being the Fashion Director for Notion magazine and host of the renowed London club night 'Circus' at Cafe de Paris.
The first images below show some of the cheeky bold style Alexis dresses in herself.

These following images are a few of my favourites from Knox's portfolio including collaborations with Jessie J, Nicola Roberts & Little Boots.

follow on twitter - @alexisknox

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dance With Me Tonight

I've loved him from his first audition on The X Factor - he just has that cheeky chappy charm that you can't help fall for and well his voice is just magic. I had his firm album on repeat for months it my car. With his past few songs getting better and better I'm so excited for the release of his second album. Here's his soon to be release for coming single 'Dance With Me Tonight', it has a similar feel to his original stuff in comparison to the last track 'Heat Skips A Beat' and the styling goes right in hand with it. I'm adoring the denim jacket with cream wool collar - my best friend Jack has spotted a similar style jacket from the vintage department in Topman - it's a must have!!!
Enjoy the video and some other funny pictures below....

Some more love for Olly's ongoing cheeky style
Below is from when I met Olly for the second time after he performed at Potters Resort where I used to work myself, he was so nice and we had a giggle with him as he pulled 'the cool pose' with my tipsy mother.
I have to say aswell, he is by far the best artist I have ever seen perform live and so entertaining.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Soap Stars Visits

So randomly today at work on my break I spotted a face instore as I left to grab some food that I recognised....but couldn't think how. Then it came to me it was Cilla from Corrie (Wendi Peters) browsing around the store I left her to it and kept a glanc on her where I then did a double take as I spotted Ruby from Eastenders (Louisa Lytton). I ended up serving Louisa when she made her purchases...she was so tiny but really bubbly and we got chatting over this gorgeous large orange/tan box handbag she had - it looked so expensive....where she then told me she'd brought it from this little crappy shop in Southend for £10 - bargin!!!

Here's what Louisa picked up today...
1 pair of Dark Blue Skinny Jeans
1 pair of Tan Wedge Ankle Lace Up Boots
5 pairs of socks

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Day Off = London Vintage Shopping

Here's some snippets from Camden, outside Rokit, inside Cyberdog, inside What Goes Around Comes Around, our fashion invite and Jack getting excited opening his box of new Creapers.

So here's my Vintage buy of the day... 
80's Stripe Blazer - Gianni Balenti - found in Traid

And also my highstreet buys...
Purse - Marc B (Topshop) & Loafers - Evans (both pairs)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Trip To Eerie Woods Alone

Decided to take the dog on a different walking route today and went into some woods near my house which I usually stay away from as it freaks me out a little...can you see why, errie or what. Maybe I've just watched far to many scary films now? On the way back home I walked down the river banks, surprisingly the water looking kind of refreshing and precious coming from the never used to. The water tunnel has given me an inspiration for possibly an edgy atmosphere shoot there one day.

Don't Mess With Me

Browsing and I foudn these beautiful sexy studded heels by designer Sam Edelman for £200, someone fancy buying them for me? Thanks

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Disco Diva Mums

I was just flicking through the TV listings and got to SkyLiving with the programme 'Pushy & Proud  - Disco Diva Mums'. The show follows mums pushing with 'support' their young girls into the Freestyle Disco Dance Competitions - their rehearsals, struggles, competition rankings, home life and most importantly for me their costumes....they're certainly eye catching to put it short.

It's a show a bit like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, you shouldn't like it but it turns into a guilty pleasure.

Here's some pictures of the 'pushy mums' and their expensive, revealing sparkly costumes from the show and other events surrounding the competitions and the dancers.

videos of the style of dance that the girls routines consist of and some more costumes for you to judge.

Afternoon Sandringham Walks

I visit the woods at Sandringham, one of the Queen's UK homes a lot but this visit I managed to capture some gorgeous images with some beautiful sunlight blazing through the tree tops. I've always thought this place has some amazing little treasures of places for locations to shoot so hopefully I'll eventually get around to making the most of it soon.