Saturday, 12 February 2011


Fur Fur SS11

So big bows have been on the catwalk for a while now but don't seem to be ready to leave just yet and in my opinion I'm rather glad of the fact as I rock them in my hair a fair amount myself. Unlike their previous collections Fur Fur have gone all out on a 60's vibe, high hair, big bows and rolled fringes to the max.
The classic cartoon of Snoopy is a strong reference (if the Snoopy mascote and the images on the top 3 silk dresses wasn't already a give away).
The dolly like make up is flawless and completes this look.


Just chilling on a saturday evening at home watching some telly and I suddenly got the urge to make a pompom....well the first of hopefully many. I see a million of them....what should I make out of them though.....?

Finger Bling

New Look £5. Love it! Rings is my weakness - the bigger the better!

Topshop Unique SS 2011

Friday, 11 February 2011

Topshop SS'11 Campaigns

New Age Constellation/Graduation/Swedish Summer/Snake Valley

Barbie's Birthday Coming Up

'Barbie' being me...old nickname from when i was blonde and my life long obsession with pink.
So it's my 21st coming up and the fancy dress theme is obviously different character Barbie dolls....I still can't decide which I'm going as.

Pumpkin Soup

Not recent I know but Kate Nash's old album has been on repeat on my ipod recently.
Here's my favourite tunage....the videos pretty colourful and happy aswell.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Clog Boots

I got these for a bargin of £12.50 from Evans and they're so comfy.

Born This Way

Artists - Lady GaGa
Photographer - Nick Knight
Stylist - Nicola Formichetti
Hair - Sam McKnight
Val Garland - Make Up

So here's the cover for GaGa's new single Born This Way.
But whatelse would I expect from the best team in the world of Gaga, Knight & Formichetti....utter brilliance!

Style School

I'm going in September for a weeks intense styling course, led by fashion stylist Alex Longmore.
Alex has had over 15 years of experience in the idustry and now aims to teach the needed techniques she has learnt and pass them onto a new generation of Fashionistas.

Below is some of my favourite shoots Alex as worked on.

Click below to go to the official website of StyleSchool and get more info on what other pros work alongside Alex, courses, dates and prices.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

Well everyone I know has been watching it every Tuesday night on Ch4 and it has to be one of my secret guilty pleasures aswell.
Where does all their money come from....? thats what I want to know!
The traveller brides dress alone costs usually double the amount of a whole traditional wedding of a non-traveller. Then there's the bidesmaids...most brides wont their bridesmaids to blend into the background not to overdo them but gypsy bridesmaids....there's no chances of that happening with the bright neons they put them in!
Dresses so large they are unable to get into the horse-drawn carriages or limos and they are all then left with scars around their waists due to the weight of the frame of the underskirt.
'Grabbing' - is it not a kind of rape?

The girls are drummed into thinking about their weddings from a young age, all aspiring to be a 'princess' defining why all their dresses look like a hyped up cinderella.

I definatly would never see my wedding as being anything as big and bold as a travellers but you can't help but love them slightly. I wouldn't say no to an invite....just to see what it's like.

The brides.

The dress maker - Thelma!

The maids.

All virgins until they are married - dress like the most provacative girls I think I've ever seen, talk about not judging a book by its cover.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Punk vs Cruella Deville

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture - SS'11

Never one to dissapoint Gaultier shocks this season yet again with a strong punk vibe of mohawks, dog collars, studs, chains, metal pearls and black leather.
Another influence from the collection has to be the iconic bold look of the disney character Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmations. Check out my contrast of a model from the Haute Courture show (left) and Glenn Close in the 1996 adaptation of 101 Dalmations (right).

Other eye candy of a similar theme....
Italian Vogue - September 2009

Floral Frenzy

On Print. In The Hair & On Your Ankles.
Dresses, Playsuits, Shirts & Skirts.
Ruffles & Floaty
Bold &Bright.
Flowers are taking over this summer big time!
Catwalk Collections from;
Akris, D&G, Issac Mizrahi, Etro, Jil Sandler & Christian Dior

Floral Prints source of patternpeople

Bobo Star Boutique

Bobostar - Designed by Charley Bishop, I met Charley back a few years ago round and about at Uni interviews, we both ended up at different places but kept in contact. Since also leaving Uni early like myself, Charley set up her own online boutique in 2010. Crafted uniquely with differnt coloured stones and silver the rang covers both genders with rings and bracelets.

"Native american meets hippy, meets rock n roll and you have BoboStar"
Shop online at BoboStar - Rings from £40 and Bracelets from £50-£110.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Fully Futuristic.

Giorgio Armani Prive - Haute Couture S/S'11

Structure - Metallic - Crystal - Saucers - Jewels - Colour Block

Tribute Totes

Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacbos, Michael Jackson & Prince
Designed by PatternPeople - sold on - $50 each.
I'd pick Karl always!!!!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Androgyny Issue

Love issue 5 - SS '11
The Androgyny Issue

Love always stun me with their multiple covers, the 3 for the 'This Is Hardcore' totally fit their gender bender issue. One cover features 'femiman' Andrej Pejic sharing a kiss with Kate Moss, a similar shot to that of the SS'11 campaign from Jean Paul Gautier including Andrej with Karolina Kurkova.

This Is Hardcore
SS'11 Campaign

The Beautiful One
But this cover is the one that surprised me the most...Justin Bieber.
His feature clearly nothing to do with the theme of the issue androgyny but put as The Beautiful One.
Bieber wont be my pick of this covers but I'm sure lots of my friends will secretly be loving this oddball cover, with him as their guilty pleasure.

Thomas Codd London

Back in May 2009 I was very lucky to work with Thomas Codd by dressing his final Uni collection which has now lead on to his full collection 'Albions Defender'. Using refence to Shane Meadows 'This Is England' the collection looks at the style of the skinhead type.

Since his Graduate show Thomas added Icon vests to the collection including James Dean, The Krays and other influencial people to himself.

May 2009 Graduate Show - Chatham Docks - Kent
Models L-R - Leroy, Rykard, Max, Matt, Blane & Elliott

Gareth Pugh Pitti 2011

And here's a few older personal favourite videos also from including Gareth Pugh.
Gareth Pugh S/S 2011

Gareth Pugh A/W 2009


Chan Chung Kim

LCF 2011 Exhibition.
These are fierce!

Dynamic Blooms

Behind the scenes footage from a shoot from the current Another publication.


Weird video but it's colourful so it kinda pulls you in still. A hat milliner Pier's Atkinson who I was once taught by features several of his works in the video including the cherry head band and the large bunch of flowers hat. check out for more of his collections

Check her out....check her out....

She's gonna be a massive banging hit for sure and has attitude as bold as her hair is every other changing day.

Smells Sexy

No idea where I found this ages ago, annoying but it's a great image, sexy yet pretty in pink and girly.

Do It Like A Dude

Grimey, Ghetto, Bitch, Hoe, Banging!!!!