Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Violent Lips

Violent Lips is a company that designed the first easy transfer tattoos for lips, launched in the start of 2011 but now the trend is becoming more and more popular. From designs of animal print, glitter, flags and script celebrities from all over have been trying the looks out including Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Kelly Rownland and many more. Below you can watch the official tutorial of how to apply them for the best results in just minutes. I've looked at where to buy them from and so far ebay is looking like the cheapest option with store sellers having a set for as little as 99p I can't wait to give this a go - follow up blog plost will be up soon!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bright Spring Florals

For the spring/summer I can't help but love to bring at the crazy brights, floral prints and denim even double denim sometimes. Here's my outfit from today that threw all my favourite ideas together into one whole outfit perfect for the gorgeous weather. Enjoy the sunshines x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring Clean Sort Out

So when you have 2 wardrobes rammed and clothes piling up you know it's time for a sort out, this is how I spent my day off today....clothes everywhere, mess and bin bags full by the end of the day. Hopefully I can sell on a lot of it as most has hardly been worn, give me some pennies for some new glam beauties.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Jamie Beck

Jamie Beck is a New York photographer who has recently caught my eye by creating amazing delicate Cinemagraphs

Check out more of Jamie's work on her Tumblr account From Me To You

Mac Makes Me Happy

I'm really craving some Mac Cosmetics in my life right now so instead I thought I'd just swoon over some tutorial videos on my favourite things right now - bright eyes and strong eye brows. Also just because I have a major girl crush on her I've added a behind the scenes video of Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin on the 2012 Viva La Glam campaign shoot.

Friday, 23 March 2012

BOY London

Founded by Stephane Raynor in 1977, the story of BOY is a true one off, in that that the wildest rumours and legends that surround it couldn’t hope to compete with the reality. Beloved by the underground, but frequently courted by an overground hungry for a piece of BOY’s trademark attitude, it remains the label that everyone wants in on.
From Warhol, to Madonna, Punks through to New Romantics, club kids to fashionistas, all have worn BOY. Adopted as the uniform of choice for every youth movement that has mattered, the brand has outlived them all, with the unmistakeable spirit that underpins all things BOY remaining the same today as when it was first formed…
(source - BoyLondon)
With the recent press coverage of both Jessie J & Rihanna wearing BoyLondon items in their new videos and Rihanna's saucy guest performance the other week on The Johnathon Ross Show sales for BoyLondon have risen 40%. I have to admit I'd never even heard of the brand until I researched it after wondering who on earth Rihanna was wearing head to toe on Ross' show and was then notified by a friend that it was a 'must have brand' for the new cool kids generation! Supposedly I have the face to pull off any hat as I've been told so I'm being drawn to purchasing the 'BOY' hat - but I have a feeling it won't be an easy wear and get much use for me so I might be swayed to one of the ultra long casual logo tee's instead and at £40, I'd say it's a reasonable price.

(Celeb fans of the brand include Jessie J, Rihanna & Cher Lloyd)

Crazy Summer Eyes

The sun is on it's way so I'm getting my summer addiction/collection started with a new pair of sunglasses...pretty much a new pair every week. Here's some fab stylish and fun pairs that caught my eye on asos for £12 and under - bargains to be had people!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rainbow Rinse

So for the last year celebs have been playing with their hair colour like never before - one minute its blonde the next its blue! But the latest trend has moved from the dip dye look seen on such people as Lauren Conrad, Ellie Goulding and Peaches Geldof and now onto a full on array of colours and rainbow look. Nicki Minaj was obviously the first celeb to be seen rocking the full long legnth look a while back with a wig but yesturday Made In Chelsea star Gabriella Ellis flaunted her new rainbow do created by BleachLondon. I'm liking the stand out look but can you just imagine the upkeep of making it look so fabulous all the time?

Girl Gone Too Far?

Madonna's new video 'Girl Gone Wild', the song itself clearly can't stand on it's own two feet so it's had to use a massive boost sultry (pretty much prono) style video to get its coverage so far. She was in a prime untouchable and will go down as a icon but is Madge not going to have to hang up her glad rags sometime soon, hopefully?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Romans Revenge

Finally a preview of the art work for Nicki Minaj's forthcoming album 'Pink Friday - Roman's Revenge'. I'm a massive fan of the bold American rapper, her music is catchy but I just love her cartoonish style.

Acid Wash

Denim gets the acid wash look again this summer, but with a twist on adding colours and the effect being put onto colour denim. I'm a massive fan of acid wash - here's some of my personal favourites from what Topshop have in their collection online so far.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Vogue Festival

Vogue teams up with it's favouite insiders from the industry to offer the public a one hit chance to buy tickets at £75 into the event to hear from the creatives we all read about each month in the bible.

- Christopher Bailey in conversation with Alexandra Shulman
- My Fashion Life: Vogue’s Lucinda Chambers, Harrods’ Marigay McKee, Matthew Williamson in conversation
- Nigella Lawson in conversation with Kirsty Young

- Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana
- Too Young? Too Old? Does Fashion have an Age Limit? Panel debate with Lisa Armstrong, Laura Bailey, Edie Campbell, Mary Portas, Anne Robinson
- Stella McCartney

- Diane Von Furstenberg
- Fashion Question Time moderated by Vogue deputy editor Emily Sheffield with Holly Fulton, Henry Holland, Roksanda Ilincic, Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou, Nicholas Kirkwood
- David Bailey

- Tom Ford in conversation with Alexandra Shulman
- Ask The Models – A Q&A discussion with models including Jourdan Dunn, Lily Cole and Natalia Vodianova
- Is it all about the Red Carpet? Panel discussion including Livia Firth, Richard Young, Rachel Zoe

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Grunge Photoshoot

Another test shoot of mine which was held over in Norwich last week. I collaborated with Photographer Pip Johnson & Model Lindsey Ann this time and we had a great time minus an extremely sunny but chilly gushing wind. The concept was a fashion grunge look. I also have to say thank you to VaVaVoom Vintage for letting me use their amazing black leather studded waistcoat...which I seriously just wanted to keep fr myself.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Style School Behind The Scenes

Here's some new behind the scenes footage from Style School - want to be the next top creative in the industry go and join the fun at StyleSchool to find out how you can make that happen and meet some amazing new friends along the way.

Glam Gypsies?

I'm like a lot of people in this generation who can't help but love a bit of trashy, tacky, car crash tv series and with 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' in it's second series it just goes to show how much we adore it. Dress' are biggers, girls are younger, tan is darker and weddings larger then ever seen before. Will there be room for another series - can girls really outdo what has already been shown in this series? Reckon the fashion designers will be taking any tips...I think not.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Morris Minor

So this is how we travelled in total classic style to the sunny seaside this afternoon - Morris Minor or Moz as he is now known to us lot.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Beach Carlota

Swimwear is popping up all over the high street now with people ditching the winter blues and getting excited to book their holiday getaways. I've already got myself hooked after buying 5 new bikinis in the last 2 months - when I haven't even got a holiday booked yet. A fellow uni student and friend of mine Charlotte Beard produced her final year project on her own new brand Beach Carlota, clink on the image above to step into Charlotte's fabulous passion of customized bikinis and everything beautifully suited for the sunny beach life you're wishing for.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Oh My

My favourite Milliner Piers Atkinson is back again with his 2012 AW collection 'Oh My'. There's a small select view from the collection below of my favourites including a small teddy Lion, massive viels and huge pompoms.
The man himself -

'Oh My' collection 2012

Some of my absolute favourites from Atkinson so far

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Taylor Momsen

Boo George

Inspirational images of a grunge style shot by Boo George for my test shoot later this week with Pip Johnon.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

All Things Sweet

With us now in spring, summer is not far away and I already can not stop day dreaming about the sun, cocktails and yummy treat and gorgeous bright colours.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Thursday Nights Out

So lastnight turned into a lastminute night out and crazy unplanned outfit choice but loads of people seemed to be loving my crazy aztec leggings teamed with my new bright pink blazer and ghetto hoops. Even had the 'Shut Up' and 'You look like you're from TOWIE' lines thrown at me - wish I have decided to take on as a compliment this time haha.

With my two bestest friends Elisha & Jack