Monday, 7 November 2011 Issue 01

Finally it's here are publishing their own catwalk season magazine. I'vejust  ordered mine straight away so I can't wait for Issue 01 to be in my hands. The order page is in $'s so don't be confussed, with the cost of magazine and shipping from America the final cost comes in at around £9 which for a bi-annual magazine, hopefully worth it and a treasure to keep on to.

"Out now, the debut issue of takes you deep inside the Spring 2012 collections. Bringing the voices of both the editors and the readers of the world's leading fashion Web site to print for the first time, this new publication not only uncovers the most intriguing people, places, and clothes of the season, it also charts the highs and lows, the triumphs and setbacks, the public and private moments on the journey from New York to Paris, catwalk to sidewalk, backstage to after-party. It's the season from every angle. It's a magazine for fashion obsessives by fashion obsessives. Out just three weeks after the last look left the runway, offers both a first view and a collectible distillation of Spring 2012. is available at select newsstands, but the best way to guarantee a copy is to order one here. Content from the magazine is not available in digital form. Below is a selection of online features that complement what you'll find in the pages of the magazine." - source

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