Thursday, 24 November 2011


Hunger Magazine and TV Launch

The Hunger is a biannual magazine. It launched in November 2011, The Hunger was born from Rankin’s desire to celebrate the innate drive that we all possess and that, with a bit of creativity, can be used as an impetus for cultural change.
20 years after Dazed & Confused was founded, and 10 years after the birth of AnOther, The Hunger provides creative beings with a new platform for uncompromised self-expression, innovation and discovery. Working with recognised and emerging talents in the arts, fashion and editorial, The Hunger seeks out cultural progression and distinction. Each issue of the magazine features both a male and female cover. was launched simultaneously with the magazine. The ground-breaking video-based website features exclusive in-depth interviews and fashion films with those in the magazine, as well as regular stories on other stars, updates from The Hunger team, and previews of content for upcoming issues.

Welsh actor Rhys Ifans and intriguing young songwriter Sky Ferreira took to the covers for the launch issue of The Hunger. Rhys and Sky epitomise the spirit of The Hunger, passionate about their craft, yet with an unwavering integrity, never sacrificing their sense of self for their career.
Inside, we speak to legends and fresh faces of film, television, literature, music, art and fashion. Terence Stamp discusses why being shunned by the film industry as a young actor was a blessing in disguise; The Winstone family invited us to their family home for an old-fashioned knees up, and Ray explains why, as long as his family are happy, he’ll never worry about the future; Anna Friel grills her friend, folk star Fionn Regan, on what inspires him; and Erin O’Connor divulges why she is finally ready to express her often ignored femininity – as seen in our shoot. Interviews with Olivia Williams, Hayley Atwell, James Corden, Jeremy Scott, Giggs, Freddie Fox, DELS, Kathy Burke, Michael Sheen and Lucy Liu also feature in the magazine, with most also available to watch exclusively on

For our fashion stories, we shot Kelis, Cheryl Cole, Holliday Grainger, Portia Freeman, Heidi Klum, Milla Jovovich, Giggs and DELS, styled by Maryam Malakpour, Way Perry, Daniella Jung, William Gilchrist, Laura Duncan and Anna Hughes-Chamberlain to name a few.

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  1. Hi! I own a fansite for actress Holliday Grainger, sadly I don't have the money to buy Hunger Magazine .. Are you able to publish scans of her interview on issue 1?