Sunday, 30 October 2011

Femme Fatale

What a show!!!!
Saw my teen idol again for the second time lastnight Miss Britney Spears.
Everyone slats her for her vocals - she sang most of it live so that's a plus on the 30 seconds she sang live on her Circus tour. I just happen to love what a show she puts on, the set and customes were so exciting and colourful from the Egyptian remix of Slave 4 U to the Rock n Roll remix of Baby One More Time, Britney managed with her creative team to revamp and renew some of the old but still loved classics. The customes were good but for me they were not as good as those from her 2009 Circus tour which was surprising as she worked with the same designer Zaldy Goco.
I hope you like my photos above that I took from the London O2 - we were rather close is was fab!
And below are some of the original costume designs by Zaldy for the tour.

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