Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Soap Stars Visits

So randomly today at work on my break I spotted a face instore as I left to grab some food that I recognised....but couldn't think how. Then it came to me it was Cilla from Corrie (Wendi Peters) browsing around the store I left her to it and kept a glanc on her where I then did a double take as I spotted Ruby from Eastenders (Louisa Lytton). I ended up serving Louisa when she made her purchases...she was so tiny but really bubbly and we got chatting over this gorgeous large orange/tan box handbag she had - it looked so expensive....where she then told me she'd brought it from this little crappy shop in Southend for £10 - bargin!!!

Here's what Louisa picked up today...
1 pair of Dark Blue Skinny Jeans
1 pair of Tan Wedge Ankle Lace Up Boots
5 pairs of socks

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