Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lunchtime Charity Shopping

So the other day I was on my lunch break and fancied a little bit of a bargain hunt going on as I swept through as many charity shops as I quickly could in such short time and managed to find this gorgeous little vintage Baldan Italia brown leather envelope clutch bag for £2 - now just need to find the perfect outfit for it to match with. My friend joined me whilst I was shopping and then I spotted a dress followed by a 'wow - get it' from my friend. The dress being navy blue with shocking green bold prints all over it and large gold bottons in a tea dress style cut. It's definately a bit crazy and out there but for £3 I was just drawn to it.....think it needs a belt and a contrasting colour bag for a smashing look personally. Currently I can't work out what the label is...if anyone has any ideas let me know, it's to script like for me to work out oops.

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